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Twistan & Squirt

About Twistan & Squirt

Breed: Domestic Shorthair crossbreed Age: 7 years & 4.5 (approx) Sex: Male & Female pair

POTENTIAL HOUSE CATS Twistan (male, white and black, 7 years old) and Squirt (female tortie,4.5 years old) have come into our care because their owner could no longer afford to look after the cats. These two adore each other and need to be rehomed with each other.

Twist is a very special cat. He is a back leg amputee. When he came into our care we were a little concerned about his walking so had him xrayed only to discover that he had a pin in the remaining back leg! That poor boy must have been in a terrible accident in the past but nowadays he gets along just fine and is used to going up and down stairs and is agile at getting in and out of litter trays, on to sofas etc. Sometimes he sits on his bottom with his remaining back leg out at a right angle, but that just makes him all the more characterful.

Both have been previously kept indoors, but in their foster home they are showing every sign that they want to go out to play. Squirt is a perfectly healthy girl who has no reason to be kept indoors. She shows every interest of wanting to go out, sniffing the air at any open windows and staring out windows. It’s Twist that seems especially keen to play out and spends hours each day staring out the patio windows in his foster home. Because of this we will consider rehoming them to a property that has a secure outside area, ideally an enclosed garden so Twist does not roam far but can have a roll on the grass and a sunbathe.

They are a little wary of new faces at first but soon warm to you and then show their true colours. They are both really affectionate cats. Twist likes to sit next to you on the sofa whilst you rub his ears and Squirt loves a good fuss and an ear rub too. Twist usually monopolises his foster carer so two adults in the home would be perfect, but not essential.

With them being so affectionate you will have such loyal and loving companions. They always come running to greet their foster carer when they come home and wait (almost) patiently for the breakfast each morning at 8am. They have been fed a wet food only diet, and this needs to be maintained for Twist’s health.

Both Squirt and Twist have only lived with one adult and are not accustomed to noise. They do get spooked easily so a calm, relaxed home is a must. If you are looking for a ready-made cat family then please look no further than this adorable pair!

If you would like to adopt Squirt & Twistan contact us today! Email or call 0161 882 0680.

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